In this time of online marketing, website design should be such that it responds to the user's needs, while performing multiple tasks at the same time.
A website that is "dynamic" allows user-interaction with the content on the site. One example of a dynamic site is one where the user enters in their information to join the site, place an order or receives location-based information. PHP, Java, ASP.NET and other types of programming languages are used as the backbone of a dynamically designed website.
A Dynamic Website facilitates you to update its content. That means you can reload new content whenever you like, in a Dynamic Website. This gives the user a live experience. You can provide daily news, quotes, new products, features, articles and a lot of other stuff when they open your website. This means that your content is not static and is updated with fresh information. You can also give features like user preferred and served content using a user log in and user preferences systems build into your dynamic websites.

Advantages of a Dynamic Website :

(1)The most important advantage of a dynamic design is that it uses various programming languages like PHP, Java, CGI, Perl, etc. that enable web pages to be viewed on multiple platforms by multiple users.
(2)Such programming can support all the GIF images, videos, animations, auto response and interactive features of a website.
(3)Much easier to update
(4)The updates do not require specific IT knowledge and can be performed in the office.
(5)New content brings people back to the site and helps in the search engines
(6)Easy to maintain fresh content using Content Management System
(7)Much more functional website

Another advantage of dynamic website design is that it is easy to maintain. Even though these websites are loaded with information and graphics, some simple changes in the end database can modify the content, which will then be visible on the pages of the website.

With dynamic website design, the contents can be put on the home page and drop down menus can be created with links to other pages for the rest of the information. It gives the website a neat and well organized look. It also makes the website user friendly and easy to navigate.

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