Social Media Optimization (SMO) is one of the methods in website optimization which involves a set of activities which are implemented by the business houses to attract new visitors by driving traffic to the websites from other sources, other than search engines.

The word of mouth in social media optimization is spread through - networking,

 2.blogging, marketing and bookmarking sites

  whereby the businesses can improve their online presence, reach to the targeted network and market their brands and products in the most effective ways.

Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc, SMO has been a blessing for the small business in the truest sense of term. Not only, SMO services lead to measureable outcome and the progress can be tracked and assessed, but also the cost of service associated with SMO services is very low in comparison to the traditional marketing methods.

It has become much easier for the small scale online businesses to reach out to their potential client base easily and connect with them while spreading the brand awareness. Social media optimization also facilitates fine lines of communication and when implemented in the right way, SMO services can surely yield productive results.

SMO services include -

 1.content submission release distribution),

 3.classified ad posting, submissions,

 5.PPT submissions, bookmarking,

 7.RSS feed submission blogging, posting, network marketing etc.

On the client's behalf, Nirvanza Infotech formulates the righteous strategies and implements various methods and techniques to promote the brands in the social media arena.

It is provide more visibility to your website and attract more traffic and consequently result in improved business opportunities.