Windows Mobile Application

There are many several smartphones in the market which are based on diverse mobile platforms including Android, Symbian, Blackberry OS, iOS and Windows.

Windows mobile applications are located on Windows Phone Marketplace where users can browser and download applications developed by third-parties. Applications can be browsed using various panoramic views from categories and titles to detailed ratings, reviews and screen shots. The Marketplace is however not limited to Windows mobile applications alone in the strict sense of the word.

Windows Phone is a closed source mobile operating system, ruling the global market with 1.9% of its share. It is developed by Microsoft, and it has been integrated with Microsoft services as well as with some non-Microsoft services. Every operating system has its own strength and limitations.

Windows based apps for business are popular since the functionalities and features of the apps are applicable in various scenarios.

Windows Mobile leverages the power of Microsoft Windows in its mobile version.

Microsoft released its latest mobile operating system - Windows Mobile 6.5 and gained great popularity among mobile phone vendors. Also, Microsoft is the only dominate operating system provider that makes money by authorizing. If Windows mobile phone users are willing to download applications in Windows marketplace, it will bring Microsoft a great deal of profits due to the 6% market share of Windows Mobile.